Eight Things That Happen When You Allow Your Dog Share Your Bed With You

Many of the little things you do before going to bed or even while sleeping, can help your health in the long run. If you sometimes worry about letting your furry friends share a bed with you, there’s no reason to. There is a surprising number of health benefits associated with sleeping with your favorite puppy. In addition, one study stated that women especially benefit from doing that. The following are some of the amazing benefits you can get from sleeping with your dogs!

1. Dogs reduce stress and anxiety

Dogs are used for popular pet therapy. Because of this, they can provide comfort while they are with you in bed. Just by stroking them, you make your body release soothing chemicals, even when you are stressed out.

2. Dogs provide protection

Dogs can alert you to problems, chase an attacker or simply keep your company. This knowledge can also calm you down, even while you are sleeping, essentially knowing that you are being protected in your most vulnerable state. This can help you relax and sleep better.

3. Dogs offer warmth

Dogs come with a fur coat included, so you know they are the best teddy bears in the world. If you live in areas with very low temperatures and a blanket or personal warmer isn’t working or isn’t enough, chances are a dog can make up the difference.

4. Dogs help you fall asleep faster

Dogs can cure common insomnia and, unlike sheep, you don’t even have to count them! According to one study, because they reduce stress, they can help you fall asleep faster and relax your brain.

5. Dogs Help Brain Chemistry

Dogs were definitely invented to be man’s best friend. Touching them releases oxytocin, a chemical with multiple benefits for the brain: it increases the feeling of relaxation, confidence and psychological stability. They help both your brain and your mental health.

6. Dogs can calm depression

Dogs are always there when we need them, so they are the perfect companions to cheer us up. Chemically speaking, oxytocin can really increase the feeling of happiness and reverse depression.

7. Dogs cause fewer nightmares in women

If you are worried about your dog disturbing your sleep pattern, there’s nothing to worry about. According to one study, dog owners, especially women, reported sleeping more peacefully because they shared a bed with their dog.

8. It’s good for dogs too!

Dogs need your love. They need affection, they want to be appreciated and feel protected. So, allowing them to stay with you while they sleep encourages them as much as it encourages you or more.

Bonus: dogs are the best roommates

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