9 unusual destinations to visit with your friends

What do you think of daring to visit hidden places, and that are not the typical ones massified by tourism? Here is a list of recommendations that may help you choose your next destination.

There is nothing more fun than a trip with your friends. Living unique experiences and having a great time discovering new places is a feeling that will fill you, and that will also be everything you need to disconnect for a few days from your daily routine and work. Visiting new beaches, unusual areas that are worthwhile, and, of course, rest eating correctly, doing gastronomic tourism, or sunbathing to get that much-desired tan during the summer. 

It is worth knowing them before they are overcrowded by tourism, so take note!

1. Zagreb (Croatia)

Its appearance is Central European, and even many corners can remind you of Vienna or Budapest. It is charming to walk through its streets, visit its churches and baroque palaces where you will also find very nice terraces at every step. In recent years, cultural details in the city have become much more important, such as street art and gastronomy that is becoming increasingly notable.

You can also visit: the old Orient Express station, try fresh products, and their beers local crafts at the Dolac market.

2. Gotland (Sweden)

It is located in the sunniest part of Sweden, which invites you to have an enjoyable weather holiday and beautiful scenery. You can discover a medieval past in one of the streets and buildings. Also, you will find beaches and countryside and that at the moment are visited mainly by local tourism since many of the natives choose that area to spend their summer vacations.

3. Galicia (Spain)

Surprisingly in this list, we find Galicia, and it is not surprising because it is a Community that both inside and on its coast, we find great contrast and absolutely beautiful places to visit. For example, the beach of Las Catedrales, which is one of the most beautiful beaches you will find.

Of course, the seafood, the markets in the coastal areas with fresh fish that you can take, and cook at home.

4. Northern Montenegro

Eastern Europe is increasingly gaining prominence in terms of tourism. For sports lovers, you will find activities such as rafting, hiking, or cycling activities. Some of its hallmarks are large monasteries built on cliffs, lush vegetation, and the views are incredible at certain points in the area.

5. Leeds (United Kingdom)

This English city has managed to position itself as the best destination to visit, thanks to the evolution of its cuisine, especially for the breweries and lovers of this drink will be almost a temple, and it is that its different varieties and handmade creations will surprise you. Also, it also has a wide cultural and leisure offer, so it is a perfect destination to visit with friends.

6. Alentejo (Portugal)

Instead of visiting the typical Lisbon and Porto, it can be a great option to discover new little-known but genuinely amazing places. Alentejo is a region considered World Heritage by Unesco and also has a wide gastronomic offer to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

7. Moldova

It is known for its wine culture, and its city, Chisinau, hosts a wide range of bars and restaurants where you can taste rich wines and gastronomy in general. A country with a communist past that was heavily flogged during the last wars but that today is worth knowing.

8. Paphos (Cyprus)

This was the capital of the island of Cyprus during the Roman era, and although today the capital is Nicosia. A beautiful city with sea and architectural buildings to admire due to the many occupations it has suffered over the centuries.

9. Le Havre (France)

And finally, the last recommendation is La Havre, located in the northwest of France. You will enjoy a few days of incredible views and pleasant walks.

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