7 traditional Christmas meals from other parts of the world

How are meals eaten at Christmas in different countries? We tell you 7 countries where the holiday dishes will surprise you!

Christmas is coming and with it, the need to prepare the typical food to celebrate with family and friends. 

Have you ever wondered what they eat in other places in the world? We bring you 7 meals from different parts of the world that are eaten on Christmas Eve. And maybe even, they inspire you to try new dishes this holiday season.


In the entire southern hemisphere, when Christmas arrives, it is summer, so dinners differ a bit. Being Argentine, you can not miss the roast, which consists of different cuts of grilled meat such as chorizo, blood sausage, and the roast strip. However, in some other homes, they prefer the piglet with Russian salad or pickled chicken.

Desserts are cold, of course, with summers up to 40 degrees. In almost all cases, fruit and ice cream salads are eaten.


In this area, an elaborate and ritual meal of twelve meatless dishes are served on Christmas Eve on December 24.

Polish cuisine is known for the different varieties of preparing fish. A traditional dish is a carp or pike with a gravy made of some vegetables, almonds, raisins, spices, and wine, or beer.

At the Christmas table, you can not miss cakes and desserts, especially a poppy seed cake, honey, and a dried fruit dessert with sweet poppy seeds, served with shortbread cookies.


The night begins with foie gras, which is the liver of a bird, usually duck or goose. The table also consists of a chopped and boudin blanc, a white blood sausage. The candy table includes chocolate filled with cream or truffle and the traditional Galette des Rois, which is a type of cake.


In the east, festive traditions in meals become even more strange. Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, where less than one percent of the population is Christian, but there is a ritual they love: Kentucky Fried Chicken. On the eve of the celebration, getting a festive bucket can be an adventure. It is usual to consume the Japanese Christmas cake, covered in cream and decorated with strawberries.


For Filipinos, Families dine together with the typical Christmas Eve foods, such as ball cheese, chocolate (hot chocolate drink), ham, chicken or roast turkey, pasta, stuffed chicken or pandesal, and various desserts, including cakes and a fruit salad. As a main course, a whole roasted pig is often cooked, the sight of which can impress many.


Christmas dinner in the Netherlands is a bit different from the customs in neighboring countries. A typical Dutch tradition is that of “Gourmetten.” This is a nighttime event where small groups of people sit and use a small pan for cooking their own food in very small portions. The guest prepares finely chopped vegetables and different types of meat, fish, and shrimp. Different salads, fruits, and sauces accompany everything. The Dutch also enjoy more traditional Christmas dinners, such as roast beef, duck, rabbit, pheasant, or roasted or glazed ham. This is usually served with different types of vegetables, potatoes, and salads.


As with any other part of the island, the meals prepared in Cuba are based on the Latin heritage of the island and its people. The main course of the meal is often roast pork, which is cooked outside the house for many hours. Likewise, side dishes are prepared that usually include traditional Cuban dishes from the area such as bananas, black beans and rice, and Cuban bread.

Desserts are an important part of Cuba’s Christmas traditions, and there are many types of sweet products that are often served. They emphasize the specialty sugar cookies and the flan that is usually prepared in the oven and served. Other items may include dessert desserts and rum cakes.

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