12 quick tips to lose 4 kilos in less than a month

Do you have three or four kilos that you never get rid of? It is not about killing you from hunger, just from making certain changes in your diet and in your daily life that will help you lose weight without completely giving up the pleasure of eating. Follow these tips, and everything will be easier.

Tricks to lose 4 kilos eating healthy and well in a month.

1- Low GI hydrates

Choose suitable hydrates, those that have a low glycemic index that does not raise blood sugar or insulin secretion. And also, do not overdo it in cooking so that the food takes longer to digest and transform into glucose.

2- Dessert dishes

Seeing a full plate, even if it is small, you will feel full with much less quantity. Also, don’t forget to eat slowly and chew well.

3- Yes to legumes

The best options are lentils, chickpeas, beans, and soybeans, rich in fats, proteins, and vitamin B and E, folic acid, minerals, and a lot of fiber. Also, they help to calm the appetite, regulate blood sugar, and intestinal transit.

4- Forget dairy products for dessert

When they are eaten in excess, even if they are skimmed, they cause fluid retention and increase the desire for sweets, especially if we eat it for dessert.

5- Spices instead of salt

Substitute the salt for healthier condiments such as oregano, Provence herbs, pepper, lemon, garlic, cloves, fennel, cumin or cilantro. Among the sauces, choose the pesto and the Provencal, since, in its preparation, they do not carry salt.

6- Look for foods with high IS

Starting at noon, bet on food with a high satiety index. They are rich in protein, water, and fiber, such as apple, carrot, turkey, shrimp, and white cheese.

7- Fruits outside meals

Taken after the meal, they add their sugars, which, being rapidly absorbed, are immediately transformed into fat by the rise in insulin. However, before meals, they have a satiating effect, due to their high water and fiber content and also reduce appetite.

8- Always whole wheat bread

A small dose of carbohydrates helps the body to reduce the temptation of sweet, preventing you from taking the weight. Limit the amount to 100 gr and always choose whole grain or seed bread.

9- Bet on red wine

Cocktails increase triglycerides, soda is descaling, and prepared juices include sugar. So the best option, including water, of course, is red wine.

10- Ice cream

Choose low-fat or sugar-free, water-based, and chocolate-coated options (minimum 70% cocoa). Sorbets and slushies are also not a good option because they have a lot of sugar.

11- Superfoods

Bet on oatmeal that has a notable contribution of fiber, is satiating, helps control hunger spikes, stimulates metabolism, and accelerates fat burning; Like broccoli, ideal for weight loss, and salmon. Without forgetting the avocado, it cleanses the fat from the arterial walls and calms the appetite.

12- Snacking, but healthy

Nuts are rich in essential fatty acids and perfect for fighting cholesterol, but always in moderation, between 2 and 4 units. Another good option is raw vegetables.

Are you also one of those who resist a few kilos? Follow these tips to maintain your weight.

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