10 Great Movies that You Probably Haven’t Seen

A vast number of movies are released every year; however, most of us just see those that viewer considers good or that are nominated for many awards. There are many more movies to see that are good and will make you have a great time. We show you below.

The alternative movies you should watch

1- The Zookeeper’s Wife

It is based on the true story of the caretakers of the Warsaw Zoo during World War II. Starring Jessica Chastain, she shows us how they managed to save more than three hundred lives by hiding them in animal cages.

2- A Monster Calls

A boy named Connor has to deal with numerous difficulties in his life, such as his mother’s cancer. To learn to cope with it, a monster begins to visit him every night to help him.

3- Perfect Strangers

A group of seven friends gather for dinner and decide to play a dangerous game: put the phones on the table and read all incoming messages on each phone. The game will make them see that they don’t know each other as well as they think.

4- From the Land of the Moon

Gabrielle is a girl who has always done what they said, like marrying a man she didn’t love. After getting sick, she is forced to receive treatment at an institution where she will meet another man she does fall in love with.

5- Paterson

Paterson’s life seems boring, but he has managed to have enough emotion to write his poems. He does not seek fame. However, an event changes his boring life forever.

6- The Secret Scripture

Starring Rooney Mara, this movie tells the story of an older woman who has lived in a mental institution for 50 years. A new doctor will be fascinated by her story and try to find out what has taken her there.

7- Gold (2016)

It is based on the true story of the mining scandal that occurred in 1993 when a gold deposit was discovered in Indonesia, and later it was found that everything had been falsified.

8- A Dog’s Purpose

The movie is seen from the eyes of a dog. It all starts when a family adopts a small puppy, and they enjoy a lifetime at their side. When the time comes, the dog dies and is replaced with a police dog.

9- Gifted (2017)

A single man raises his seven-year-old niece as generally as possible, despite his exceptional math skills. However, the appearance of his mother will have complicated consequences for the family.

10- Everything, Everything (2017)

A girl who is allergic to everything, and therefore lives isolated from outside, falls in love with her neighbor and wants to go out and explore the world.

Did you know any of these movies? Now you have plans for weekends if you are not leaving home.

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