5 Incredible Countries To Visit In 2019

5 Incredible Countries To Visit In 2019

Do you have a planned destination for your next holiday? If yes, you might want to reconsider one of the following countries. However, if you do not have any plan for your next holiday yet, then you definitely need to pick from the following list of countries to visit in 2019.


Porto, Portugal

This country has become fashionable in recent years, becoming one of the best cultural, natural and gastronomic destinations in the world. In the last two years, museums and art centers have been opened in the country.

In addition, its restaurants and chefs are becoming known around the world, thanks to having won several Michelin stars.

Its transportation is excellent and cheap and it has some of the best beaches in the world. For all these reasons, Portugal is one of the countries to visit in 2019.


How many of your friends have you heard say they are going to Djibouti next year? Probably none, and maybe it’s because of ignorance or because they are not adventure lovers. However, Djibouti is located in one of the most impressive corners of the world, a place where three tectonic plates converge.

This forms an impressive spectacle of deserts with sunken lakes in which numerous salt crystals shine that you can’t miss. Simply amazing.

New Zealand

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

The impressive nature of this country, together with the efforts of its inhabitants to preserve it, have made it one of the best countries to visit in 2019. In addition, there are those who consider them the paradise of hiking. There are trails and routes that will take you to the wildest and most extraordinary areas of the Earth.

These routes are known as the Great Walks, and are the best option for all those who want to live the adventure on their own. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this incredible country in 2019!


Valletta, Malta

Valletta became the European Capital of Culture in 2018, which positions Malta as one of the countries to visit in 2019. Thanks to this there will be dozens of concerts, festivals and shows that will not allow you to get bored in your visit to this small island country.

Not only that, you can take advantage of the visit to discover one of the smallest countries in Europe, but also more beautiful. Here you will find villages, corners and beaches that will leave you breathless.

South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

Korea is perhaps one of the least visited countries in Asia. However, it is one of the most modern countries on the continent, full of skyscrapers and with a capital, Seoul, which thanks to the inauguration of the new Seoullo 7017 in 2017 has changed for the better.

In addition, in 2018 the country hosted the Winter Olympics; it inaugurated high-speed train line from Seoul to Pyeongchang, where the games took place.

Have you already decided which one or which ones you are going to visit? Take good note and enjoy a trip to one of the best countries to visit in 2019.

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