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10 Reasons Why MARS Exploration Is Required.

Every time you stare up at the sky, you can’t help but wonder what is really up there, behind the blue skies and the white clouds.  Behind the stars and the moon. Is there life beyond what we just see? This are just some of the questions that we ask ourselves. The wright brothers wondered the same thing, and that is how they were able to invent and fly the world’s first successful airplane. That was the beginning of a new evolution. Human race realized that, it was actually possible to reach the sky. Hence the famous quote “the sky is the limit”.

You know the saying, curiosity killed the cat? Curiosity did kill the cat but it woke up the lion. Flying was not enough, what if there is more? Humans wondered. If we could fly, certainly we could go beyond. This gave birth to space exploration in the later half of the 20th century. The first rocket that flew into space was the V2 missile launched by Germany in 1942. This led to the landing on the moon in 1969. This was the beginning of it all, when you are down here on Earth the moon is just but a tiny object in the sky. Human race new that there was much more than out there.

Then came the solar system and the planets. And then began the exploration of Mars. Which began in the late 20th century. Here are 10 reasons why Mars exploration is required.


This is the most obvious reason. The same way we live, eat, and breathe on Earth. What if we could do all this things on Mars? Humans are full of curiosity, they have always wondered whether life is possible on another planet. When this question finally gets answered and scientists actually find out that life is possible on Mars, I don’t know what will happen. We just have to wait and see.


For the past few years, we have not been taking care of our planet as we should be. Earth is blessed and endowed with life. The beautiful rivers, the mountains, the amazingly formed rock formations. Let’s not forget about wildlife and the trees, all the living creatures that cohabit this planet with us. All am trying to say is that, planet Earth is a blessed planet. It has supported human race for millions of years. And if we never find life in the ““Red Planet””, maybe this will teach us to take care of our planet for our future generations.


Remember the saying, “curiosity killed the cat”. Curiosity will have to kill us, but it has led us to discovering the ““Red Planet””. When you are curious you discover things, you are able to get out of your comfort zone. Maybe exploring the “Red Planet”, will enable us to discover things, which will help our planet in solving some challenges that we are facing.


How could we forget to leave a mark? This is like the ultimate goal for every human being. We want to leave a legacy, something that will remain long after we are gone. Something to show that we lived there and existed once upon a time. Remember how Neil Armstrong left the flag on the moon? Exploring Mars will enable us to leave a landmark.

Close proximity.

According to NASA it only takes two years and two months to get to Mars. That is 26 months. So, its close proximity to Earth makes it an easy target for exploration. There are also signs that Mars has had potential to host life in the past. We will keep going back to this “Red Planet” until we discover something.

Are we alone?

This is a question that we have always wondered about. Are we the only ones living in this world? Or is there another race that exists. This has led to movies like Superman and Star Trek. Mars exploration might have the answers that we have always been looking for. Wouldn’t you also want to know if you lived in your home alone? Of course you would.


Since Mars has shown signs that it had the potential to host life in the past. How do we know what, or who it hosted? And if it did, where are they now? Are they already living among us, or are they planning to inhabit Earth? Do we need protection from them? This are just but some of the concerns that need to be addressed. We don’t want the human race wiped out in a single day, by something we would have prevented but did not take the chance.


Mars could be the next big breakthrough of humans yet. Scientists have found evidence of water on Mars. And they have also said that Mars has similar features to those on Earth. Though there are still some differences. Humans could use the knowledge gathered there and maybe it could be applied here on Earth. Studying the “Red Planet” would help us to be more imaginative and innovative. Leading to us finding creative ways to face challenges. It might also prepare us for what to expect in the coming years, in the evolution of Earth.


Exploring Mars might be what we need, in order for all of us to come together. The challenges that will be faced in travelling to this planet and learning how to live there. Will bring all the nations together, for us to achieve a common goal. We all know that A People United Shall Never Be Defeated. We might finally stop all the hatred and killings among ourselves. Wouldn’t you want to finally live in a world where, no more children or women are crying? A world of peace.


The exploration of Mars will have long lasting benefits and applications to us. We have seen how previous space exploration projects have helped us. There is always something when you decide to explore a particular area. We might not find what we are looking for, but we will definitely find something, worth looking at.

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